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Meet the Author

Jackson Rezen grew up in the small suburban town of Hillsdale, New Jersey where he was surrounded by books, art and music.  He earned a BFA in Filmmaking from Montclair State University, which was a dandy good way to learn how to write exciting visual stories. In the middle of his college career, he took a hiatus and jumped at the chance to live completely off the grid, deep in the Panamanian jungle. He slept in a hammock, ate a lot of mangos, and worked with other graduate students and travelers as a eco-tour guide and recreation director.


After returning to New Jersey and completing his degree, Jackson was off again on a new adventure — this time to the mountains of CO with his lovely Norwegian girlfriend. The couple quickly eloped, opened a successful art studio and bar, and then, creatively managed to survive the pandemic as small business owners. While his wife ran the studio, Jackson explored several career paths and hobbies including more filmmaking, rigging, rock climbing, emergency medicine, puzzle design, and enlisting in the U.S. Army — all of which have made their way somehow or another into his writing.


Jackson has recently returned to New Jersey once again where he and his wife live with their new baby, their rescue dog Putter, and their three-legged cat, Easel. When he's not writing or reading, Jackson works as a paramedic, and is a Sergeant in the Army National Guard. He's already dreaming up new ideas and adventures for his next book project.

The Captain of The Crew is Jackson's debut novel. Read about the book and order your copy here


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