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Cut Wrist Crew Tech

The following is a glossary of the technology used by The Cut Wrist Crew in their heists. Some of these products and technologies exist today and are already in use in the world of financial security, identity protection, and medicine. 

PII (Pronounced Pea)

The Personal Identification Implant is a tiny pill-shaped device that is implanted in the wrist. It carries all records of the owner including drivers license, insurance, passport, business records, criminal records, or any other document that the user wants quickly accessible. More importantly, the PII holds access to whichever financial accounts the owner chooses. Transactions take place with a certified PII reader and is unlocked via a Gesture PIN (some series of hand movements.) 


The PII sits in the wall of the vein and is powered by a chemical reaction between the electrolytes in the blood. Along with the Gesture PIN, it comes with two bio-triggered safeguards. If the source of electricity is removed then the device shuts down and erases itself.


The device receives a steady signal of electrical current from the heart. If that signal is lost for more than fifteen second, the device locks itself. More than a minute and it shuts down and reformats, erasing all its data.

In order to get the information back on the device, the owner needs to go to a certified PII facility and have a backup downloaded. It is a long process of identity checks and affidavits.


To pull data from it, the user scans their wrist at a PII terminal and performs their PIN. The terminals are specifically coded to only take the information that the company needs. That way, the local gas station can’t get a hold of your social security number. One of the company’s selling points is the absence of GPS in the chip. It is untraceable. 

The PII Charger

A one-of-a-kind device created by The Cut Wrist Crew. Designed to keep the PII “alive” for long enough to get the money off of it. It is a small black box with a clear reservoir on the top. On the front is a numerical display box, a power switch, and two arrows pointing up and down. The reservoir is filled with the target’s blood and the PII is dropped in. At the bottom of the reservoir is a small electrode that emits an electrical signal to mimic a heart beat. The arrows on the face can adjust the rate which the beat fires. On the back of the device is a USB input that tells the computer the PII is being scanned.


From the Greek root for blood vessels, Angiocoin is a crypto currency that has swept the nation. In an age where crypto’s biggest struggle was its inconsistency in value, Angiocoin solved the problem by making each unit match the American Dollar one for one. The creators designed it to follow the gold standard as inflation rises and falls, making it, in theory, incredibly stable. It has all of the benefits of cash (untraceable and nontaxable) with all the convenience of electronic payment. It has become the default for all transactions from online shopping to buying a car to drug deals in an alleyway. 

The Gesture Tracker

The Gesture Tracker is a black elastic armband with eight small trapezoidal blocks around the outside. It was designed as a new way to interface with computers by using the electrical signals in the forearm from hand movements, but the technology never really caught on. The company pivoted  to use the software for prosthetics. The Crew was able to get a hold of the original design and reprogram it to record the electrical signal of a Gesture PIN and then play it back.

The Car Cover

From the outside it looks like a large box truck without wheels. The back door opens buy swinging out and up. Inside is nothing – no floor, no axles, no mechanics, all the way to the inside of the grill plate where the engine should be is empty. The walls of the cargo space is lined with black rubber bumpers and the ceiling has four large clamps that hang two in each row. When the Crew drives their van into the back of the cover, the clamps grab a hold of the van’s modified roof rack and hydraulics extend out, pushing the whole truck shell up. At full height, the van’s wheels sit in line with the truck’s wheel wells and the windshields sit only an inch from each other. In this position, the whole vehicle looks like a box truck in passing.

Psych Locks

Five-feet long and one-foot wide with foam rubber along one side, these giant metal snap bracelets are used in the psychiatric wing of a hospital as a means of quick control. They are swung from one end and when the center comes in contact with someone, the ends snap like a spring and wrap around it. As the person struggles, the band tighten. 

The Power Cube

A small 5x5x5 inch box that houses a battery and computer software. The computer at the bank and all other devices are plugged into it. It runs the programs needed for the money transfer as well provides an interface for the other devices (the charger and the gesture tracker) to talk to each other.

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