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Bank heists, car chases and crippling existential dread...
follow the indomitable Cut Wrist Crew
as they steal from the rich and run from their past.

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Captain, Technician, Doctor, Guard

Three years ago, tragedy struck. C’s young son was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive respiratory illness. As the clock ticked and medical bills mounted, C desperately looked for enough money to pay for an experimental treatment. 


Now, driven by the idea that more money means less problems, C has started a gang of the most notorious bank thieves in the nation, The Cut Wrist Crew. Their target, the Personal Identification Implants of the ultra-rich. Surgically embedded into the wrist, the PII is a highly-encrypted, impenetrable device which carries all of its users’ financial information. With the country’s economic disparity at an all-time high, The Cut Wrist Crew’s uncanny success in stealing from the rich has unexpectedly turned them into the popular face of the poor man’s rebellion.


All is running to plan with their heists until one member of The Crew goes rogue, jeopardizing the whole operation. With an impending divorce and the ghost of his past failure haunting him, C’s financial security blanket, and sanity, are wearing thin. Now more than ever, he needs to keep The Crew going.


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“Left me sitting on the edge of my seat, breathless with adrenaline and desperate to see what would happen.”


-– Oren Eades

"Damn good read."

– Stone Cold Steve Austin, WWE

“Boy oh boy, what a fun ride! Besides the excitement of the crimes themselves, the author gave me plenty of food for thought about the nature of we humans.”

-– Sally Nimmo

“A breathtaking tale of the future of crime. With body augmentation, digital currency, and advanced surveillance the norm, The Cut Wrist Crew has just the plan to pull off the score of a lifetime.”


-– Montgomery Carlo

"Great book if you want to read a guy use a weak story as a vehicle to shove his political and ethical nonsense down your throat. Characters were soft. I could take any of them and I'm only 5'10". Don't waste your money."


– Phil Doust, Journaloust

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Inside the Tech

Read about some of the technology used by The Cut Wrist Crew in their heists. Some of these products and technologies exist today and are already in use in the world of financial security, identity protection, and medicine. 


The PII (Pronounced Pea) — The Personal Identification Implant is a tiny pill-shaped device that is implanted in the wrist. It carries all records of the owner including drivers license, insurance, passport, business records, criminal history. More importantly, the PII holds access to financial accounts. Transactions take place with a certified PII reader and is unlocked via a Gesture PIN (some series of hand movements.) The PII sits in the wall of the vein and is powered by a chemical reaction between the electrolytes in the blood. Along with the Gesture PIN, it comes with two bio-triggered safeguards... read more.​

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Author bio

Filmmaker, rigger, rock climber, jungle tour guide, paramedic  — find out how these pursuits and others have contributed to Jackson's ability to craft clever, adrenaline-pumping stories. Read his full bio here.

The Captain of The Crew is Jackson's debut novel. Follow his literary journey including blogs, book recommendations, excerpts and previews, upcoming author events, and more.

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